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Blenderartists logoAs you all probably know, Blender Artists forum’s crew had been having a series of troubles with the maintenance of their site (, and it’s been down for a while. But wait, there are some good news!, because some hours ago it came back online as a result of the hard work the site’s developers had been doing in collaboration with CG Cookie / Blender Cookie.

Over the course of this last week a lot of things had been happening “behind the scenes ”. Roel Goofster abandoned his place as owner and mantainer of the site, leaving behind ten years of exhaustive work. His charge has now been taken by Wes Burke, who will be responsible of  getting ahead with the forum by doing all the administration duties, while Jonathan Williamson will be in charge of the moderation .
About what to expect for the next weeks, Williamson writes:

“ In these next few weeks, as the site is starting to re-emerge and gain strength, we ask that you please bare with us as the team works to fight some of the code and styling. There is a lot left to do but Roel is helping us troubleshoot some of the remaining tasks.
Things to know/expect during this transition period:
  • Blender Artists will remain an independent, vibrant community/website with it’s own identity
  • Blender Artists remains an open and freely accessible resource for the Blender Community, and ALL educators.
  • Blender Artists is to remain a central hub for Blender users to connect with other users, artists and developers.
All in all, Blender Artists is to stay the exact same site everyone has come to love over the years.”

Let’s hope all issues get resolved soon so we’ll have our beloved community again on it’s full potential.

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