How to make a Vase in Blender - Blender Tutorial

In this BLENDER TUTORIAL I'll teach you how to make some really good looking old vases in Blender, like the Sintel's ones.

First, from top view ( num pad 7) we are gonna add a circle (spacebar> add> mesh > circle) and set it to 14 verts. Then we go into edit mode and select all the vertices ( a key)end extrude them like in the picture ( e key).

Then we go into the front view ( numpad 1 ) and select all the verts again, and extrude them down a couple of times, adjusting with S the size of each one of the SEVEN   “ ring” of verts. Like in the Picture ( this is just and example and you can do several different types and sizes of vases depending of where you put those rings, and their size).

Now press f12 and you should have something like this: 

Now, go to the materials section and add a new material, call it “vase” and set it like i did ( click to see full): 

Now add a texture, set it on clouds with a 0.150 noise size and set the values like this: 

And that's IT , just add some lights and you will have some AMAZING results. Show me what you got! And if you liked this tutotirals check my other tutorials and comment them!! Thanks a lot =) 



  1. Your very own vases was so nice and artistic. I love it. I feel like making one. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity it is very well appreciated. Visit my site too for some fun stuff. Good luck !

  2. I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.