Freelance job, 2D and other stuff.

Do you need a banner? a blog? a slideshow gadget? a 3d/2d character for your website? an ilustration? If you do so, ASK ME!I WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

Hi you all , this time, I want to tell you that I'm gonna start accepting any 2D/ 3D   job you may have for me in order to improve my freelance carrer as a designer (it maybe the creation of a 3D/2D character, a banner for your website, or anything image related),  I would love to see the projects you bring to me , don't matter how easy or hard they are, just ask me. To contact me use the contact! link you have in the right side of your screen, or send me an email at : I ll be waiting :)

Hola a todos, esta vez vengo a decirle que estaré aceptando cualquier tipo de trabajo 2D/3D que tengan para ofrecerme, de esta manera espero mejorar mi carrera como diseñador libre , puede ser creacion de personajes o escenarios en 2D / 3D, banners, o cualquier cosa relacionada con diseño, solamente preguntame!. Para contactarme podes usar el link de contacto que hay a la derecha de tu pantalla, o enviarme un mail a : Estaré esperándolos.

Para reforzar la parte 2D de mi sitio, ya que todavia no subi nada, aca dejo algunos ejemplos de trabajos que realicé, o estoy realizando.
To improve the 2D section on my webpage, here you have some of the projects i worked or am working on.

(This one is a virtual modification of a room)

( click to see full)

WOW, i reached 200 visits on my site, This i'll have to celebrate. Buit 200 visits and just 2 coments in the whole history of the blog? that's strange.

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  1. hahaa :D the first to comment i hope, i wanted to comment directly to the 500 views no comments? picture, but i couldnt T~T
    ah well, looks good! if you dont mind, i was wondering if you could place a tutorial of how you got the alien? (i hope its an alien, because that definately what it looks like :P) to look that way with the face, i can never get faces to look correctly, no matter what the face is....