Sintel 4k : The Durian project releases the 4k version

As if the HD had not been spectacular enough, the Durian team has just released a 4k version of Sintel. So, you may ask yourself “What is so impressive about that?”. The thing is that 4k means a resolution of 4096 x 1744 pixels. Yes; you read well, over 4000 pixels wide. Now that’s impressive. More resolution implies also , more details and an outstanding quality of image.

This project has been made possible thanks to the support of the Cinegrid Amsterdam consortium (a group of research labs, new media and art institutes). The Cinegrid project consists in studying the possibilities of the Ultra High Definition content ( 4k & 8k) making this content accessible for the open public.
About the upcoming versions, Ton Roosendal writes :

“The original 4k version (8 bits per color, tif) now is available via the The Xiph.Org Foundation download site too, which is 160 GB of data! We are currently also uploading the 16 bits per color files, 650 GB of data, and which will be finished around 25 February.”

If you are one of the fortunate ones the had the breathtaking experience of watching the 4k version, let us now!.

 Sintel images belong to the Durian project: and Pablo Vazquez ( Venom GFX)


  1. Gracias por el apoyo Lucas! Me alegra te haya gustado Sintel, la versión 4K fué todo un desafío, todavía no la ví en tal resolución en una pantalla 4K por completo, sólo unos minutos, y la verdad que vale la pena!

    El blog se vé muy bien, podrías mostrar más tu trabajo en la barra lateral, al menos un personaje o algo como para ya presentarlo sin que el visitante tenga que clickear.

    Un abrazo blendero!

  2. Muchas gracias por pasar, es un honor!! ya mismo pongo tus consejos en practica y agrego tu blog a amigos =).