3D Character work in progress: Bonzo.

During the past week I've been working on a new blender character to submit it to the Double Happy contest!( look here: http://doublehappyrabbits.com ).

I didn't have much time to plan it so I started with the basicidea of a crazy, weird, kinda cute, little monkey.
After making a couple of sketches I came up with this:

Modelling the head was different than most of the things what I usually do, because his face is deliberately non-symmetrical, but after struggling a little with it I was able to finish the whole body modeling:

I made a quick rig to be able to pose it for the image, created a ( quite) decent skin shader, and at the moment I'm working onhis hair. I hope i get it finished in time !

You can follow the WIP thread In Blenderartists right here:

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